For last five years Coriander Focus has been creating a body of work showcasing fairy-tales and magic, and the time has come for them to go into the world as a book. Crafting a journey through a surreal world of powerful characters and larger than life scenarios, these photographic images strive for a balance between whimsical fairies and potent heroines. In a world surrounded by magic, the purpose of this book is to open the eyes of the readers to the fanciful tales that are happening in their own lives.

  • Accepted writers will have their work published in this edition
  • Editors choice will win $100

You are permitted to enter at any age and from any country. Works are limited to 750 words or less and cannot be longer than two pages. There is no time period restriction for this submission.

We are expecting poems, song, short stories, nursery rhymes and other writings on the theme of magic and empowerment.