Coriander Focus

is a full time creator, working most in the mediums of photography and written word. Coriander creates between four and eight thousand photos per year and shares her art with her community alongside poetry, short stories, and other creative exploration. Coriander spent her youth deep in the mountains of rural Appalachia where her love of wild places was cultivated. She has since captured that love using fine art photography for more than a decade. She has worked as an artist and has had her work displayed nationally across galleries and shows since 2010. Coriander’s other great love is teaching, since 2008 Coriander has taught a wide range of classes from fairy house building to immersive private photography workshops. Notable highlights of Coriander Focus’ recent career have been Sarasvati Creative Space Residency (2021), Exhibition in Motion hosted by the Society of North American Goldsmiths (2018) and Transformation, hosted by RE:ARTESTIE New York NY.(2017)

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