Sometimes it happens all at once, sometimes over a long period of time. The pain of body mods and emotional trauma can take many forms. Sometimes it hurts so badly in the moment that you wonder why on earth you would allow yourself to end up in this situation. Sometimes it hurts for days after, constantly reminding you of your choices and bringing tears to your eyes when you accidentally brush your fingers over the wound.  But eventually the pain fades and you are left to the work of healing.

The healing process is slow and often requires self care that you might not want to do. It can be uncomfortable or even painful to do the work to have it heal correctly but it’s worth it.

Don’t ignore it, but also don’t pick at it.

Don’t be afraid to tell the important people in your life about the pain and the healing so they can be cautious to not agitate it. “hug me on this side so you don’t bump my piercing.” The people who love you will understand and do their best to accommodate you.

In the end you will be left with a reminder of what happened to you. There will be marks left on your skin or your heart. These are signs left from becoming a more deeply connected person. Wear you’re scars with pride and know that you have suffered, and conquered and are kinder and stronger for it.





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