In this time of great trouble and it is our responsibility to take up arms against what is wrong. This means we need to vote, we need to talk to each other, we need to protest, to go out and help where ever we can, we need to protect the abused, and call out the abuser.

This also means we need to make art, to make love, to support one another, we need to give freely what we have and ask for what we need.  We need to listen to each other, and do everything we can to stand united.

If you are an artist than now is your time to make art. We create the symbols of what we are fighting for. We remind people that there is beauty and a reason to say no to the oppressors. We can help leave light in the media of other peoples lives.

I believe we are all artists of one kind or another. We all have a passion that should be shared with the world.

I challenge you to make art and to keep making art through this time of fear and war. We need it now more than ever.

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