In general I consider myself a fairly respectful person. I hush my friends in our apartment stairwell because I don’t want to bother our neighbors; I try to be considerate of those around me.   There is one time where all that goes out the window.

When it is a nice evening out and everyone has their car windows rolled down as we all sit in the same 5pm traffic jam, I adore the loudest most annoying dubstep I can find. I blast that shit across the intersection as we all wait for the red light. I am pretty sure that I am the bomb as pedestrians catch snippets of my deep wubwuby sound track. If I come across another human being doing the same thing we are now in a sound off and I must get my music to drown out yours.

One time when I had just gotten my new purple Honda Fit, my boyfriend and I rolled up next to someone with loud rap music. Thus, I cranked Ragga Bomb (look it up if you need a reference) and three rather hood individuals looked over to see me a 125lb white girl jamming out to the base drop dialed up to 11.

The other time I do this annoying habit is when picking friends up, especially off of a bus or train. People are filtering out to see me sitting on my car like some modern Grease hoodlum with sunglasses and a bass rumble that feels like distant blast zone tremors.

I am aware no one thinks I am cool. I do not impress anyone with this habit. In fact when someone rolls by me doing the same damn thing I often make comments about their penis size being relative to that of a tic tac. But I just can’t help it when we are stuck in traffic waiting for the light. I can either pull out all of my hair hating everyone or I can drop the bass and be happy.

and for me thats an important part of life, to be happy!

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