Getting tattoos and piercings are very punk rock, after care in this case is self care and also very punk rock.

When you get a piercing or tattoo the best thing to help it heal is to have good after care. This means keeping the area clean, showering,  washing your hands, cutting back on caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol, getting enough sleep.  In the case of tattoos it means a good lotion routine. Basically take care of your damn body. A+ Self care = well healed body mods.

When you alter the look of your body it’s often painful. It hurts. It’s part of the process. But if you are someone who disassociates it can be a way to firmly reconnect to the skin ship you are flying around in. If you are someone who does not like your body or don’t really want to be in it, altering it putting things on it that make it yours can help you feel a little more comfortable being there.

The art of tattooing and piercing have been used for thousands of years. It’s a way to connect to your ancestors, you are practicing the ritual of a warrior, you are putting a symbol on your body and that represents strength. It is empowering.

The Punk scene for me is all about self expression, about living your best life, about celebrating that you are alive and can enjoy that fact.  It’s about knowing that pain’s just the price of admission! The ride will be awesome!

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