A few weeks ago we had a hookah at a roof party on my friends Baltimore brownstone apartment. We ate cheese, crackers, and fruit while smoking tobacco and talking about life.  It was a wonderful time.

For this party to happen I had to clean my hookah which has a long two-foot pipe that goes down into a reservoir.  The first time I cleaned out my hookah I ended up skewering a piece of rag to the end of my French small sword and then stuffing the whole thing down the pipe to clean it. So,  I went to a local smoke shop and asked for something to clean out my pipe. They gave me these long bristly wires that looked like those 1st grade craft items we use to play with… what were they called….. FuCkInG PiPe ClEaNeRs!!! I don’t know why I never made the connection that pipe cleaners were pipe cleaners.

This all reminded me of when my boyfriend used to work at a tea shop.  They would sell tea pots with these little stands. You would put a candle in the stand to keep your tea warm and people would say “Oh what kind of candle do I need for this?” to which the reply would be “A tea light”… a freaking *tea* light!

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