When I was a child sometimes I would knock on my parents bedroom door at the late hour of 6:30am and get the entirely reasonable response of  “Is it broken, bleeding, or on fire…no? Then go away.”  But one time I was able to go “Yes it’s bleeding!” which made me feel entirely justified and almost proud of my grievous bodily harm.

My dad use to tell us “inside voices” when we were being loud and rambunctious. But one time he said it while we were camping thus I replied at top volume “BUT WE’RE NOT INSIDE” This went over about as well as one would expect.

When my Auntie got married we all made origami cranes (one thousand to be exact) so she could make a wish I asked after the wedding if her wish came true and she told me it had come true so far, I did eventually gather that she had wished for a happy marriage. I in my infinite 8 year old wisdom found this to be ridiculous and a total waste of time! She had the opportunity to wish for a dragon and had gone and wasted it on a happy marriage Bah!

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