While walking back to our borrowed New York apartment after an art show, one of best friends asked Why Patreon? What’s the point? Why would some someone decide to give you money? I mean you are making the art regardless. So… what’s the point?

What *is* the point?? Once in a while I dream I will become famous over night. That somehow the gods of fortune will smile and just like that I can quit one job and become a full time artist going to gallery openings, interviewing for magazines, and traveling the world. Like making a deal with the devil, or a wish from a genie there is a great appeal to achieving dreams without having to put in the effort. It does not work that way, at least not for me. As I trudge along the more traditional road of anyone who wants to achieve anything, I have to work very hard. So along with photographing regularly I have several sources of social media where I talk about my art, my personal life, funny stories from my childhood: Facebook, Patreon, Blogging, Instagram, theoretically Twitter.

During the Renaissance it was commonplace to see painters and sculptures of the era operate on the funds of patrons. In the spirit of this, Patreon directly asks you to become a patron paying any artist you want to see more of, to have a hand in the work they do and take pride in the artists you support. It is not charity. It is not a donation. It is something much, much more!

Making art is not easy. For me it can be a long and often expensive process of having an idea, gathering references, drawing sketches, finding props, models, costumes, locations, and often I have to work under weather restraints. My boyfriend one time referred to me as an EMT of art. I spend lots of time prepping, planing, keeping my equipment ready and when the moment is right… when an ice storm happens, or beautiful snow… I get the emergency call from the world that *NOW* is the time. My life becomes whirlwind of activity trying to get the shot to save that beautiful art!

So why Patreon?

There is no genie. Energy has to go into the system to get something out. Just like we shop local to give money to people we want to support, or refuse to patronize companies we don’t agree with, we use our little bit of power we affect the whole. I am here asking you to be a part of something larger than one person can be. With your help we can make something more than ourselves. We can make a difference.

Please join us. Give a dollar… give five! Support what you want to see in the world.

Thank you.

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