I read somewhere that creativity is like breathing, with long weeks or months of inhale pulling in ideas, and references gathering everything you will need, and then a long exhale creating, sharing writing, giving.

2017 was a lot of inhale. In the spring I traveled to Scotland breathing in the amazing landscape and history of the wonderful and wet country. In the summer I did a lot of reading, went to events, talked to people, made connections.

In the fall I won my first internationally judged competition and kicked off my Patreon at almost the same time. I have been creating photos every month for my patrons, and I have been excepted into another show this February! I am teaching a class on weighted blankets the weekend after Valentines, and I am working on some classes that I want to teach with my Aunt in Philadelphia. Lots of exhale.

I have to remind myself that this is how my creative process works, I tend to beat myself up when I am not creating and I forget that the inhale is just as important, otherwise I will pass out.

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