Living a stones throw away from DC I often go to galleries to inspire my art. My boyfriend pointed out an image by Robert Frank along with this quote:
Mr. Frank himself has said, this photo demonstrates the ease with which the camera can invade the privacy of others, portraying “how it feels to be a photographer and suddenly be confronted with that look of, ‘You bastard, what are you doing!’ ”

I have invaded peoples lives using my camera. I have suffered some wonderfully awkward moments from being yelled at by a homeless woman in Italy, to being scolded by two elderly woman in Peru. When I am doing street photography, sometimes I feel unseen silently walking along the streets capturing moments of peoples lives, then I am abruptly reminded that I am not at all invisible and in fact some people really pissed off that I am there. On the other hand this breaking of the third wall can have its own magic.

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