I love my car, when I was looking at getting a new car to replace my 200 Honda Civic with 260k miles on it, all the Fits I could find in my price range were mostly white. I was thrilled when the sales woman asked if we were there took look at the Fit in “Blackberry Pearl” the car is deep purple and sparkly, her name is Pearl, I also have a bike the same color and her name is Pearl Jam.

It’s spring time and my camping season has just kicked off this means that I will be heading out to Four Quarters Farm a few times a month for the spring and summer, driving on dirt roads a generally getting my car pretty dusty. No point getting it washed now since I will be back there in a week or two.

Labor day happens I am pretty much done my camping and festival season perfect time to wash the car except now it’s time to start working the Renaissance Festival for two months. This means driving my car on their dirt roads every weekend and leaving my car dusty and suspiciously full of hay. No point washing it while thats all happening.

Renn Faire is over but now it’s coming into cold season and soon there will be snow thus leaving roads salt on my car and thats just not worth worrying about until the end of the winter….. leaving me back at spring when camping season begins again.

This is how I justified not washing my car for almost 3 years.

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